Where to Buy SxS Electrical Components

You can tell from reading this site that there are many different SxS electrical components used on these vehicles.  While SxS electrical components are not rocket science, they can be fairly complex systems, and you don't want to spend you weekends troubleshooting electrical problems when you could be out riding, racing, and having fun!  It's important to use an extremely high quality product when replacing SxS electrical components for reliability and peace of mind.  Especially if you use your vehicle in remote locations while offroading, hunting, fishing, or just playing, you can't risk having a failure of a critical SxS electrical component far from your trailer or home.  RM Stator has been in the powersports electronics industry since 1993, and is fully committed to designing and manufacturing the best SxS electrical components available at a great price.  The 1 year warranty and included technical support from customer service professionals is just a bonus!  Buy your SXS electrical components from RM Stator, replace them once and go ride!