Why do SxS Electronics Go Bad?

SxS Parts Fail From HEAT!

SXS parts can fail for many reasons, the most common being HEAT! Overheating is a killer, especially for the charging system components like stators and voltage regulators.  Using a stator with high quality materials is critical to reliability.  The wire windings on a stator are vulnerable to both heat and vibration inside of an SxS motor. It is critical to use a high quality stator with high temperature insulated wire that is sealed to the neighboring coils.  This protects the wire against failure from vibration, and a short in the windings from a low spot in the insulation. Especially in cheaper aftermarket parts, but even in OEM parts, you can see failures from uneven insulation coatings.  When the wire insulation coating is uneven, heat buildup can cause the thin spots in the insulation to break down, shorting out the coils to another winding or the stator core.

SxS Parts: Voltage Regulators

Voltage regulators on SxS models are especially prone to heat failure.  They are often mounted by the manufacturer in a poor location, with little to no airflow to help cool the electronics inside. If you take a look at an SxS voltage regulator, you will usually see cooling fins cast into the body of the unit. These exist to capture airflow past the unit to keep it cool. Make sure you check your voltage regulator often, to make sure the cooling fins are clean and not have any accumulated mud that would prevent maximum airflow.  

SxS Parts: CDI Boxes & ECUs

Other electrical SxS parts are not as prone to heat failure, but can and do wear out over time.  You may eventually notice a weak spark developing from a failing ignition coil. CDI boxes or Engine Control Units generally fail at some point in the life of a vehicle. These type of failures are hard to predict, and not easy to test, troubleshoot or diagnose. Make sure to always use good quality components for these critical parts to ensure long term reliability of you vehicles electrical system.